REGEDIT,Utility, A program to look at or modify the registry database

Regedit is a program to look at or modify the registryserver database.
It is a full screen (SMG) program and looks like the (MS-)Windows regedit.
If you use the DecWindows environment, you can use mouse-clicks, 
otherwise you must use keyboard-keys.
Because the registry-server exists only on alpha and IA64, 
there is no VAX version.


Run regedit

Once in the program you can use PF2/HELP for help info
F10 or ^z will return you to DCL. If you have a Decwindows/VXT display, you
can use the mouse, otherwise you must use the keyboard.

The Alpha and IA64 executables are in the kit, but if you want to rebuild 
REGEDIT, go to the regedit directory and use @create_regedit


Ths package contains the following files
In the home directory

 REGEDIT_ALPHA.EXE	The executable
 REGEDIT_IA64.EXE	The executable
 CREATE_REGEDIT.COM	The command file to compile/link

In the [.SRC] directory
 REGEDIT.FOR		The Fortran source
 REGEDIT.INC		The include file

In the [.ALPHA] directory
 REGEDIT.OBJ		The Alpha object

In the [.IA64] directory
 REGEDIT.OBJ		The IA64 object

There is no VAX equivalent, since the registry server only 
runs on Alpha and IA64.


Unpack the save set.
If you want to rebuild:
 If you have a fortran compiler
 Else to link only

On is a link to the most recent version.

Author : Fekko Stubbe
Email  :



    010 1-may-2003 
Initial release
011 1-sep-2004
Include support for IA64


Use it at your own risk, because we cannot take responsibility for crashes, dumps or even worse: loosing data.

Here is the regedit011 package (297KB zip file).

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