PAX 2.1

PAX is the POSIX.2 Portable Archive eXchange utility. With PAX you can read and write tar and cpio formatted archives.

Martin Borgman writes:

Because the GNV tar utility is unable to extract all the files from the source distribution, I started to look for alternatives. I first started with GNU tar, but found it a bit hard to port. GNU tar depends on UNIX structures that we don't have on OpenVMS (jet). So after looking for alternatives I found PAX. I found several source distributions on the internet, and one of them looked quite easy to port. So I started with that particular one. The only real problem I had (and still have) is with the stat structure on OpenVMS (see issuelist on this site).

The current version of PAX extracts all the files from the source distribution. As of this writing I have no idea if you can extract files from a cpio archive and I doubt that you can successfully create a tar or cpio archive with this version.


Martin Borgman.

Use it at your own risk, because we cannot take responsibility for crashes, dumps or even worse: loosing data.

A zip file (, 50 KB) containing the OpenVMS pax executable can be downloaded.

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